Nepali Classes for Adults and NRN Children Math Classes for International Children

Read and Write Nepali
नेपाली लेख र पढ

Nepali Education
नेपाली शिक्षा


Nepali History
ऐतिहासिक ज्ञान

Nepali Culture
हाम्रो संस्कृति

Math for
4-10 year olds

Nepali Alphabets
क ख ग घ ङ... नेपाली वर्णमाला

Nepali Conversation
नेपाली कुराकानी

Math Curriculum

Festivals of Nepal
नेपाली चाडवाड

History and Use
of Math

Nepali Literature
नेपाली साहित्य

Art of Nepal
नेपालको कला

Applied Math

Read and Write Nepali
नेपाली लेख र पढ

Nepali Education
नेपाली शिक्षा

Learn Nepali
Learn Math
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Ours is a little world of education. I am pleased that you are considering a part of your life's learning in this world.

Over a quarter of a century, I and my team have supported more than 1000 families from across 15 nations as they sought to add a different dimension to their learning experience.

This document orients you on our program offerings and helps you make a choice. I am confident we will have a wonderful time together.


About Club International

Spiny Babbler has prepared knowledge, arts, education and humanity products and programs since 1991. It has involved young people from all continents and across more than 30 countries over the years. Club International is designed for people who wish to learn and strengthen their maths, sciences, and language as in Nepali. The learning is customized for young people as well as adults.

  1. The Learn Nepali program (long term) involves reading and writing, cultural understanding, and conversations in Nepali. It is best suited for individuals and families that wish to dedicate time and effort to gain impressions and skills that last a lifetime.

  2. Primary Math program is on offer for young people from the nursery to grade 4. It is based on standardized global learning material and helps young people secure their thinking skills and practical perceptions in terms of mathematics and logic.

  3. Spiny Babbler Evolution Holidays (short term) works towards exposure and joyful learning based on entertainment during Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter breaks. It offers qualitative programming.

Learning is a process that can take time, consistency, and continuity. While the short-term holiday programs, offered over the last 20 years, offers experiential exposure, syllabus involved learning will take at least a year’s involvement for outcomes to solidify.

We look forward to sharing with you and your families learning that will leave unforgettable impressions.