Nepali Classes for Adults and NRN Children Math Classes for International Children

Read and Write Nepali
नेपाली लेख र पढ

Nepali Education
नेपाली शिक्षा


Nepali History
ऐतिहासिक ज्ञान

Nepali Culture
हाम्रो संस्कृति

Math for
4-10 year olds

Nepali Alphabets
क ख ग घ ङ... नेपाली वर्णमाला

Nepali Conversation
नेपाली कुराकानी

Math Curriculum

Festivals of Nepal
नेपाली चाडवाड

History and Use
of Math

Nepali Literature
नेपाली साहित्य

Art of Nepal
नेपालको कला

Applied Math

Read and Write Nepali
नेपाली लेख र पढ

Nepali Education
नेपाली शिक्षा

Learn Nepali
Learn Math
Media Highlights

Holiday Adventures!

Online or Onsite in Nepal


Hey hey hey, the seasons are changing even. Aaaand, the holidays are arriving. Responsible parents are already calling and booking seats for their young ones. Whooo Hoooo! So what will your young do during the holidays that warms up their bodies, minds, and spirits. Perhaps they are heading to Spiny Babbler’s “Adventures” eh.

Yup, the program is made and ready. Poems for the soul, Nepali culture and languages for the tongue, workouts for the heart and muscles, a refreshment of ideas and science experiments and wilderness for the mind. Your young person needs to be ready for the new year and where is the perfect place to do it? Ah ha, you got it!

So here are the components that have been integrated so finely over more than a decade by our programs team. They say the best things develop as they age and experience and are put in the mix with the freshest and the youngest of young people! Join Spiny Babbler for amazing holiday experiences this YeeeyaRH.

You will explore mad science and technology experiments (your hair smoking yet?); arts as in dibbling, scratching, getting paint on your noses and performing eeeee's and yiiiich's; languages with reading and movies and yakking like busy yums and processing; social learning with meetings and peekings and telling people what's what; fitness workouts and the outdoor oola's; making mooooney, finance, economy and life skills like making mayo and chicken parathas; we're about to have so much fun! Whether you're learning to speak 2 or with adult teeth at 14, you are welcome to the fountain of all that is gooooood. Come, come. Fun's waiting.

Program Components:
- Fitness & the outdoors
- The arts
- Finance & economy
- Science & technology
- Social learning
- Languages

Program Components

Social Learning

All about human beings
Paranthropus! Well, what do ya know, they were humans too. No one does it like Spiny Babbler kids do it. Read our articles and also guess who else we met: the blacksmith and the sitar musician who started learning at 70 and plays at 90! We went to Khokana and learned all about making roasted mustard oil, we hiked and took pictures of flowers. We look at seeds and smells and tastes. Here’s the link.

Finance & Economy

Making or Saving Moneeeei
We make our own jams (plum, orange marmalade, persimmon, litchi, grapefruit), mayonnaise, sweet lapsi stuff, and peanut butter. We make our own corn, millet, buckwheat bread: we want to be a part of the “healthy eating” gang. Here’s how we made burgers! Hey, and don't you know about the pizza, pasta, cakes, and other makes and bakes that we like to create?


Act, Recite, Impress!
Hey hey. We did the colour of feelings. Theatre, artwork combine with literature and meanings to add to the fun. Colours are done and now we are doing taste of feelings. You feeling Sour that you are not part of this school. Here's the link to the blog about colors and feeling. In the photo Kaustuv is doing songs and their meanings. Learning does have to involve much more than text books as you know. You get the connection? Let us get at the sounds of life.

Fitness & the Outdoors

We the Jangaleeeei!
Ei Ei. We went a hunting, foraging like our cave ancestors to collect 7 kgs of lapsi hog plum that were turned into sweet and sour and piro-tato hot achar. Want to see how yummy and adventurous it all was? Go to this linky link? And that's not all, no sireee and girleee, we did a lotsa more funsa foonsa stuff all over the jungles and the fields. We work with the farmers where we can and chase goats and sheep and cows and buffaloes to their homes or their meadows when they don't chase us back. Not that our favorite kids have not been chased by roosters, cats, and the cutest little puppies you ever did see.

The Arts

Watch, learn, make, display
That was the exhibition by ze kiddos at the Patan Museum. We had 400 visitors from around the world. These months we will be looking at art exposure and analysis, biographical learning, visual appreciation, art criticism, studio work, and an exhibition. A lot of work? Sounds over whelming? We will enjoy the creations of O'Keeffe, Clemente, Kusama, Basquiat, Morandi, Michelangelo, Khalo, Chagall, Bacon, and Da Vinci. Here's a blog on artwork for you to enjoy!

Science & Technology

The seed to the tree, the insides of Aves, Pisces, Mammals, and the Singularity
We probably have one of the finest science programs. From botanical learning to dissection of more than 15 species, to the handling of ecosystems of different species, our young learn, experience, and contribute to communities giving them avocado and lemon saplings, growing vegetables and fowl and studying in depth the way the universe, atoms, and human beings work. Read this blog that shares with a combo of literature and science experimentation.

The Schedule

Something special? This holiday, we will do SMOKE ART Painting on earthen pots or we will do GLASS PAINTING or we will work on OIL ON CANVAS or we will do CHARCOAL on PAPER, at Spiny Babbler we have so much art fun. We will be doing FIVE science experiments tracking animals by species classification. We will be cooking/making FIVE different items and we will try to sell some stuff to people we know (watch them RUN!). We will be exploring a book by a child AUTHOR in depth. We will be responsible and help others.

Well, everything is here that you can think of and perhaps some stuff that is hard to imagine. Movie classics and modern magic, hip hop and Chopin’s piano pieces, snoozing in the sun and steeply climbing through our own-made ways, check the do’s out. Who shall we meet? Maybe doctors, maybe artists, maybe that vegetable stall wallah. Where will be go? The Braille library? A pig farm? The tabala and harmonium maker?…. aaaand, if you have homework, our teachers and friends can also help get the work done.


US$ 300 per week, minimum enrollment 1 week
US$ 1800 for 3 months, you save US$ 1800

Monday to Friday, 5 day week
6 hours per day


Special offer?
10% discount on Nepali Reading and Writing, Conversation, and Cultural Understanding classes that take place year round.

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