Our Teachers

Pallav Ranjan is an educator, artist, and writer. He founded Spiny Babbler when he was 19.

Bhagwati K. Sapkota is the principal of Evolution High School, she has a degree in education and is an expert Nepali teacher.

Terry Miller has a master’s degree in education from Columbia University. She is retired professor of law, a great friend of Spiny Babbler Evolution, and a key person on our education team.

Carrie Shearer is a part of the Cornell University e-learning program. She has travelled extensively across the world and loves to teach.

Shraddha Bhuju, a student of engineering, is a WLiT Fellow. “I absolutely enjoy 3D modeling and animation,” she says. “I am also obsessed with stories and how they are written. I want to animate stories that can inspire and uplift.”

Randy Grodman of Switzerland has led international development projects in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and has a Master’s degree in International Relations. He loves teaching, coaching, hiking, skiing, tennis, drums, and creative writing.

Dhan B. Gurung is a celebrated flutist and shenai player in Nepal who has played in other parts of the world winning honors and recognition.

David Miller is from New York City. He studied English Literature in college and currently works as a writer in Los Angeles. He also is an artist and loves art, books, and movies.

Charles Norris-Brown PhD, Anthropology. Artist. cwnorrisbrown.com