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Science & Technology

Our wards fish, process food, help gut and clean game, collect wood and leaves. They keep and care for chicken, ducks, rabbits, and fish. Study their internal as well as external structures. Learn of human muscles, bones, circulation and digestion. Concepts and ideas in physics and chemistry shared through visual experiments and application. Discoveries and personalities, impact, inter-linkage with biology and the universe impact how your people approach daily life.

Good understanding of numbers, solutions and logic, application of mathematics to real life are key to learning. The science of shapes, structures, and how they interrelate is approached through applicable and relevant examples and life experiences. Key concepts and critical ideas in mathematics make fundamental sense early on.

Applied Science & Technology
Typing (Nepali & English), Accurate Pointing Device Usage, Web-Print-Audio-Video are areas that our wards will be exposed to. Practical food production and processing, sensitization to changing technologies and new developments relevant to their lives, real-life projects in farming and craft work, exposure to science and technology centers.